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Although typically inoffensive, the site of a trail of ants in your home can be stressful. It may be tempting to squish the ants and forget about them; however, the arrival of ants may indicate a more serious issue. 

If you see a few ants in your home, it is sensible to believe that there is a colony nearby. Ants are social beings, often forming trails that run through your property. Ants enter your home looking for food and guard themselves against the natural environment and predators.

There are a few things you should know about ant behaviour to determine if you have an infestation.

  • Point of Entry – Ants can enter through even the smallest cracks in the home, making it tough to locate the point of entry.
  • Scent Trails – Once a few ‘scout’ ants find a source of food, they produce a trail of pheromones to signal to the rest.
  • Nests – Ant nests are found anywhere from under your home’s foundation to your lawn.
  • Colony Size – Ant colonies can vary from a few hundred ants to upwards of 100,000.
  • Lifetime – Colonies can survive for up to 15 years if not correctly treated.


Spiders are predatory beings that use their webs to catch unsuspecting prey. Seeing a spider or a giant web in your home is undoubtedly not a good feeling. Because spiders are miniature and agile, they can make their way into nearly any building with ease.

If you suspect a spider population is dwelling in your home or office, it’s vital to get in touch with an experienced pest control company as soon as possible. Orbis Pest Control can help locate your spider infestation and take the appropriate measures to eliminate them from your home for good.


Termites are one of the most common pests that make their way into your homes or businesses. They feed on wood and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to the inside and outside of your building. Termites frequently go unnoticed until they cause sufficient harm to the structural integrity of your home and furniture.

If you suspect a termite infestation in your home, time is of the essence. Get in touch with a professional pest control service immediately to exterminate the termites and protect your home. Orbis Pest Control has over 15 years of experience serving the Greater Toronto Area and can help you eliminate your termites today.


Ants, termites, and cockroaches are undoubtedly identifiable as pests by just about anyone. Earwigs resemble something out of a horror movie, but as typical, as they are, they are an effective pest in many northern climates. They also require a specialist to guarantee total earwig extermination. That’s precisely is why an expert exterminator in the Greater Toronto Area can ensure complete assessment, elimination, and prevention of earwigs.

Orbis Pest Control is your premier solution for earwig extermination in the GTA. We have the tools and expertise to identify, eliminate, and guarantee earwigs are no longer a menace to your home or business.


Every summer, homeowners strive to stay ahead of the flea invasion by treating their homes, backyards, and pets with numerous flea control products. That’s said, it doesn’t always prove useful, and one must understand the flea cycle to devise a way to stop them properly.

A flea very much like a bedbug is a bug that uses the blood of its host to survive. Typically, host animals are domesticated, like dogs and cats. They also feed on wildlife and have been known to bite humans. Because fleas lay their eggs on dogs and cats, this makes them quickly spread throughout your home when your pet is scratching at the irritating bites. Flea bites usually are not painful but itchy with inflamed skin.


Typically, when talking about pests in your home or business, images of flies, cockroaches, mice, or spiders most likely come into mind. Countless times, moths are the forgotten problem that is not only very destructive but can also be very costly in replacing damaged clothing, furniture, and fabric items. It’s essential to include these winged nightmares in your pest control plan to avoid this sort of damage.

Carpet-Beetle-ExterminationCarpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles feed on anything derived from plants and natural fibres, like wool, furs, silk and more. Carpet beetles end up in your home from the outside or can enter from an adjoining unit; most people have Carpet Beetles for a long time before they detect the problem. 

Typically found in areas that don’t regularly get inspected, such as behind baseboards, beds, large pieces of furniture, and in closets. They will also prefer to live where there are lint and dust bunnies.

There are surely telltale signs to watch out for if you have Carpet Beetles in your apartment, like seeing larvae or finding beetles insight. You may also discover damage, like small holes, to clothing that hasn’t been worn in months.

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