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Wasp and Bee Removal

Wasp and Bee Control

Several things can ruin an outdoor activity than stumbling on a bee or wasp hive, which is especially true if you have an allergy to bee and wasp stings. For those with an allergy, a bee sting can not be just painful but can also be deadly. The bee and wasp control specialists at Orbis Pest Control are well-aware of such concerns very well and are here to help.

Undertaking extermination of a bee or wasp hive is not something the average person should try on their own. It demands specialized skills and the know-how of how to get rid of stinging pests because when a hive is endangered, bees and wasps can attack in swarms, giving the victim many stings. We have specialized skills and equipment for successful bee and wasp removal and prevention. Dealing with stinging insects is a specialty of ours.

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