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Wildlife Removal

Are you trying to get rid of raccoons? Maybe you’ve seen rodent dropping in your kitchen? As suburban neighbourhoods continue to develop, unwanted animal invasion into the living environment has grown. Orbis Pest Control has the expertise and knowledge necessary to deal with any wildlife animal control situation, whether residential, commercial or industrial. We are fully licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and GUARANTEE, only the most humane practices in our wildlife control programs.

Squirrels · Bats · Raccoons · Birds · Feral Animals · Opossums · Skunks · Chipmunks· Etc.

Several of these animal species are known vectors of diseases and bacteria such as HistoplasmosisToxoplasmosisSalmonellaRabies, and Hantavirus. Besides that, the presence of wildlife in your home may introduce additional pests such as fleas, mites, ticks, and lice. Moreover, the endless chewing of squirrels and rodents may cause a fire as they crunch electrical wires inside attics, cracks and crevices.

Most Common Signs of Rodent Infestation:
Questioning why your rat traps aren’t working? Rats are equipped to identify foreign objects or abrupt changes in their environment, notably bait traps!

  • Tiny droppings discovered in secluded shady areas, usually anywhere there’s food
  • Strong and musky odours that reek in specific areas of the home
  • Holes in food packaging from chewing and gnawing pests
  • Bite marks located near window frames, baseboards, electrical wires, etc.

Wildlife Prevention Tips:

Keep attics and crawlspaces clean, dry, and well ventilated

  • Regularly Inspect your roof for water damage
  • Make sure that your garbage is protected from animals
  • Cover the openings near your exhaust fan and vents
  • Trim tree offshoots and avoid an unwanted accumulation of debris
  • Store your food in sealed containers
  • Weather-strip all windows, doors, basement and foundation

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