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5 Usual Places Bed Bugs Like to Hide

As the name implies, bed bugs are found often in and around the bed. Most would think to inspect their mattress if they speculate an infestation. Nevertheless, these tiny critters frequently hide in a wide range of unusual places that one would rarely ever look. As the summer travel season rolls around, these unwanted hitch-hiking unwanted guests get easily carried from one place to another.

Here are some highly unusual hiding places for bed bugs:


Bed bugs are oftentimes unexpected shopping buddies as they lurk in the stitchings and openings of handbags. When bags are placed or stored near furniture, bed bugs get the perfect chance to move in.

Stuffed Animals

Kids love to take their beloved fluffy buddies and go out and about with them, which risks them for coming into contact with bed bugs, which may make their fur home. Washing and drying stuffed toys on hot settings can help eliminate any bed bugs.

In a Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Though bed bugs are perceived as vampires who love the dark, they are seen in fluorescent light bulbs. Bed bug hiding spots are usually along electrical wires and conduits with gives them lots of room to squeeze in. Be sure to exercise attention when inspecting for bed bugs around electricity.

School Buses

Students can have some undesirable classmates when making the commute to and from school. Bed bugs are found in the seat upholstery of school buses and can jump onto students’ clothing and backpacks. Inspecting vacuuming backpacks, washing and drying clothes on hot cycles can guarantee these bugs aren’t coming home from school.

Lady at an AirportAirplanes

Bed bugs can even take to the skies. Bed bugs can be discovered in seats, carpets, and vents on airplanes, which makes it extremely critical for passengers to take precautions, such as vacuum-cleaning out your suitcase after a trip.

If you speculate that these hitch-hiking bugs may have infested one of these places, contact a licensed pest professional like Orbis Pest Control immediately. Bed bugs are not a DIY pest to control and should be left to a experts.

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